Triangle Uplift Foundation (TUF) 501(c)(3) sponsors and supports educational and community service activities to uplift the communities in which we live and work.

Perseverance 5K

Triangle Uplift Foundation sponsors an annual Run/Walk: The Perseverance 5k. The 5K is held so that all communities in Raleigh have access and the ability to participate in a health promoting, family-friendly event. The Perseverance 5K raises funds to support educational and mentoring programs in the community.


The mission of the TUF supported mentoring program is to expose young men who are at risk to positive role models and experiences. With community members as mentors, the overall goal is to provide primary prevention and early intervention efforts to facilitate the positive leadership growth and development of our youth.


Triangle Uplift Foundation promotes academic excellence among the young people in our community. Financial assistance is a necessity for many new and continuing college students, particularly those planning careers that require many years of education beyond the undergraduate level. Assistance with tuition and living expenses reduce the risk of students leaving school and increase the likelihood of continuing on to graduate school.

Performing Arts Program

Talent Hunt Program was born out of the limited opportunities afforded to some American youth to develop and give full expression of their artistic talents. Talent Hunt is a performing arts competition that provides exposure, encouragement, and scholarships to high school students at the local and national level.

Academic Competition

African American History Awareness Competition educates Wake County students on the rich history of the African American culture and motivates them to research and learn more about US History as a whole. Students are educated and quizzed on essential African American history that is age appropriate for each level (Elementary, Middle and High School). In recognition, each student competing receives a certificate of participation, with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams receiving awards.

Boys Camp

Triangle Uplift Foundation provides support to boys camp programs that provide boys ages 8 – 14 the opportunity to spend one week at summer camp. The camp focus is on enhancing a camper’s self-esteem, confidence, and ability to interact with others by providing its participants a wide variety experiences through its team building activities and adventures.

Youth Innovation Summit

The 2018 Youth Innovation Summit served over 230 triangle-area students in grades 6-12. Students engaged in a variety of activities including hands-on workshops and a keynote address from Ben Crump Esq. Workshops provided opportunities ranging from forensic chemistry- extracting DNA from a strawberry to Analytics- analyzing data from planes flying overhead in real time. Other STEAM activities included robotics, programming and gaming, digital storytelling, and beats making. Speakers included Rene Daughtry; Dr. Jerry Bettis- GAD Consulting Services; Dr. Patricia Flowers- Winston-Salem State University and Ace Flight Academy.