Oita Coleman, Chair

Chairperson’s Message

Inspire. Lead. Serve. That is the calling and commitment of the Triangle Uplift Foundation.

It is an understatement to say that we are living in unprecedented times. Almost every day brings a succession of news stories, editorials, and reports highlighting the challenges we face. As everyone talks about the “new normal”, it is important to state that the vision of the Triangle Uplift Foundation remains the same – to empower youth, families, and communities through strong leadership, education and fostering wholeness.

To achieve this, we know the importance of access and opportunities. We are firmly committed to continuing to reach underrepresented and underserved students to provide programming that will ignite their interest and help them see pathways to future success. With the support our partners, sponsors, and volunteers, our annual signature program — Youth Innovation Summit – has served over 500 students and 200 parents since its beginning in 2018. Additionally, we have awarded $30,000 in scholarships to deserving students to help advance their educational pursuits.

The Triangle community continues to need champions – people, churches, businesses, and organizations – who believe in the shared goals of economic, education, social, health, character building, and networking empowerment. We look forward to building stronger alliances based on our mutual successes and expanding our programming. The servant leadership and enthusiasm of our board of directors well positions us to partner with non-profit organizations to raise funds, oversee financial gifts and in-kind services, manage grants, and give advice, upon request.

We invite you to support our mission and hope that our website provides you with insight on how we impact and serve the Triangle and beyond. Thank you for your commitment to Triangle Uplift Foundation.

Oita Coleman
TUF Board Chair

Gregory Brown
Vice Chair

Alton McCoy

Johnny Townsend

Joseph Edwards

Joseph Lynn

Victor Bruinton

Robert Cunningham

Kenneth Douglas

Loria Glenn

Lisa Greene

Charles Johnson

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