Joseph Lynn, Chair

Chairperson’s Message

We continue to see an increase in the demand for private sector support of community growth and development, educational opportunities for our youth, and family support.

Because of this demand, Triangle Uplift Foundation is committed to answering this call.

The Foundation, although incorporated on March 24, 2009, has had a rich history of community involvement and support since 1991.

Its founding purpose—to educate and motivate young people within local communities as a means to enhance and improve each community’s current and future growth, and development—continues to be a beacon for our communities.

The Foundation features a diverse leadership team, which affords it the opportunity to raise funds, oversee financial gifts and in-kind services, manage grants, and give advice, upon request, for non-profit organizations.

As we continue to fulfill the Foundation’s mission, the organization has been truly blessed by the support of individuals who give of their time, effort and resources. Corporate and community support of the Foundation’s mission have afforded an opportunity for increased scholarship giving and community outreach.

We, the Board of Directors of the Triangle Uplift Foundation, invite and encourage your participation and support.


Joseph Lynn

Chairman of the Board


Oita Coleman
Vice Chair

Alton McCoy

Johnny Townsend

Joseph Edwards
Basileus, Iota Iota

Gregory Brown

Victor Bruinton

Robert Cunningham

Ken Douglas

Loria Glenn

Charles Johnson

James Moore

Brandi Neuwirth